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  1. This recipe is a work in progress.
    1. It definitely needs to soak in the milk/egg mix: don't skip this.
    2. It really does need a whole tsp of salt; skimping effects flavor.
    3. The longer the nuggets sit with flour on them the worse the batter coating turns out. Instead of dusting them all and then cooking in small batches, try dusting only a few at a time and cooking them right away.
    Tags: , by jason (2014-05-12)
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  2. This greek chicken salad was good. The kids ate the chunks of chicken but not the rest.
    Tags: , by jason (2013-04-19)
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  3. I made this recipe. It was good -- even Callie ate the chicken and broccoli -- but next time I want to try one of the recipes using sherry.
    Tags: , by jason (2012-10-26)
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  4. This looks very good.
    Tags: , by jason (2012-08-22)
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  5. The chicken from this recipe was good. I'll make the tomato sauce next time.
    Tags: , by jason (2012-08-22)
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  6. Very good chicken salad that I've made many times.
    Tags: , , by jason (2012-06-01)
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  7. This was a very good recipe. I had no ginger or tomatoes, so I used lemon and tomato soup.
    Tags: , by jason (2012-05-14)
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  8. -
    Tags: , by jason (2011-05-27)
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  9. Made it on stove instd of crock pot. Used chicken stock instead of wine. Very sweet soup.
    Tags: , , , by jason (2011-02-22)
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