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  1. Great poem about children growing up and people changing.
    Tags: by jason (2015-05-09)
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  2. Lovely poem. The shelter of a garden allows weak things to grow that would die in the wild. So, because they are weak, should they be cherished or abandoned?
    Tags: by jason (2014-05-19)
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  3. I emerge from the mind’s
    cave into the worse darkness
    outside, where things pass and
    the Lord is in none of them.
    Tags: , by jason (2014-04-18)
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  4. This poem helped me feel the distress of Mary Magdalene's words: "They have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where to find him" by giving them deeper meaning than just "where is his body?"
    Tags: by jason (2014-04-18)
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  5. Saved for the last two lines: true love could sink a channel boat or knit a baby's sock.
    Tags: by jason (2014-02-24)
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  6. Nice poem about the frustration and forgiveness of parenting a small child.
    Tags: , by jason (2013-10-25)
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  7. I like the last two lines
    Tags: by jason (2013-07-27)
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  8. Enjoyed this
    Tags: by jason (2013-07-26)
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  9. "Tell me the one where love wins, again and again and again"
    Tags: by jason (2012-09-19)
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  10. A poem I enjoyed
    Tags: by jason (2012-06-26)
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