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  1. This was useful
    Tags: , by jason (2020-04-01)
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  2. Primer on how to use ipset with iptables to efficiently block a lot of IP addresses. I started researching this when Fail2ban had nearly 200 IP addresses banned at once.
    Tags: , by jason (2020-03-16)
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  3. This looks like a pretty good DNS package for the price. Just in case I need DNS hosting sometime.
    Tags: by jason (2020-03-16)
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  4. Useful tool for seeing how a website may be vulnerable or non-compliant with standards.
    Tags: , by jason (2019-09-29)
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  5. I've used this article to set my php-fpm pools to allocate workers on demand rather than ahead of time.
    Tags: , , by jason (2019-06-03)
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  6. I used this guide to set up my WireGuard connection.
    Tags: , , by jason (2019-04-03)
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  7. I'm looking at this as a backup solution using Backblaze.
    Tags: , by jason (2018-11-06)
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  8. I used some advice on this page to make changes to my laptop network config. I just want to be able to get back to it if something goes wrong at next reboot...
    Tags: , by jason (2018-10-19)
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  9. Quick reference for bourne shell file/string/number comparisons
    Tags: , , by jason (2018-10-12)
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  10. Useful site for explaining the command line options present in linux commands.
    Tags: , by jason (2018-10-12)
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