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  1. Very good burgers we saw in ToH magazine. This is the same recipe from their user forums.

    Changed the link because the first one died.
    Tags: , by jason (2021-04-06)
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  2. 1. These were good! Even the kids ate (a little). The adults enjoyed very much.
    2. Made these again using frozen green beans this time. Since frozen beans are softer I just used the stove top directions and skipped the oven. Cora had 3 helpings!
    3. Updated link away from Cooks Illustrated because my subscription lapsed and I can't see their recipe anymore. Same recipe, new site.
    4. Updated link again because the last one stopped working.
    Tags: by jason (2021-04-04)
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  3. To try
    Tags: by jason (2021-03-22)
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  4. This was really good, everyone liked it.
    Tags: by jason (2021-02-16)
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  5. Attempting this homemade sauerkraut
    Tags: by jason (2021-01-28)
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  6. This was very good! Takes a long time to make but a great tasting dinner.
    Tags: by jason (2021-01-23)
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  7. To try
    Tags: by jason (2021-01-23)
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  8. This was super good. I made the soup w/ gnocchi. I left the onions out of the soup but put chopped onions, tomatoes, and bacon on the side as toppings.
    Tags: by jason (2021-01-15)
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  9. I made this for Free Lunch. I scaled it up for 20 servings. It was really good!
    Tags: , by jason (2021-01-14)
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  10. This was very good. The hot sauce was delicious too.
    Tags: by jason (2021-01-05)
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