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  1. For free lunch
    Tags: by jason (2019-03-21)
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  2. This was really good! I used thighs instead of breasts and I did not add greek yogurt. I followed the recipe otherwise.
    Tags: by jason (2019-03-13)
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  3. To try
    Tags: by jason (2019-02-07)
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  4. To try
    Tags: by jason (2019-02-07)
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  5. Using this recipe for a super bowl party.
    Tags: , by jason (2019-02-03)
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  6. These were good! The onion gravy it makes is delicious!
    Tags: by jason (2019-01-10)
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  7. This was good. I scaled it by about 5 times for the HPC free lunch. I also used proportionally less red pepper flakes than the recipe calls for: it was still spicy enough but not boring.
    Tags: , by jason (2018-12-29)
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  8. Potato soup to try at the Free Lunch.
    Tags: , by jason (2018-12-26)
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  9. This cornbread was good with chili. Probably a little to dry to eat by itself.
    Tags: by jason (2018-10-24)
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  10. These are fast and good. Cut the salt in half and DO NOT forget the egg.
    Tags: by jason (2018-10-20)
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